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Aussie’s Zorb Balls Fun

Aussie Zorb Fun is the unbelievable sport of rolling down a hill strapped inside a giant inflatable ball, or more specifically, a ball inside an inflatable ball.  The two bubbles are held together by hundreds of ropes creating a cushion of air that protects you as you roll down the hill. Zorb Fun balls can have either one or two entrance holes.

History of Zorbs Fun
Firstly Zorbing Fun was made-up in New Zealand in the early 1990\'s by Dwayne Vander Sluis and Andrew Akers who called their innovation the Zorb. They formed the company Zorb Limited and set to work commercializing the new sport. The business model of Zorb Limited is one of a worldwide franchise system. They do not sell Zorbs to the general public, but rather lease them to franchisees.

After the invention of the Zorb Fun Balls, Other New Manufacturers tried to make their own Balls, the quality of which was called into question. They seemed to have trouble getting the shape right, creating what looked more like giant doughnuts.  Some of these manufacturers have overcome this challenge and are now producing high quality Zorb Fun Balls. This is just a brief history about Zorb Balls.
Maybe you have never been zorbing, and then now it’s time for you to enjoy this thrilling activity. 

The Zorb Fun Experience At Aussie
Zorb Fun is all about having a good time. It feels reckless, but you remain perfectly safe inside our well constructed Zorbs. The Adventure Islands have Zorb runs that stretch good distances on well groomed and safe runs. This gives you just enough distance to enjoy the thrill of tumbling in a giant plastic ball. 

If you’d prefer to start with a shorter run, then you always have that option. Our Westport House base has several hills and flat areas that you can use for your zorbing experiences. The experts at The Adventure Islands can offer you all of the instruction that you need to make sure you enjoy this activity safely.

Zorb Equipment at Aussie
Zorbing experiences are best when you have access to top-rated equipment. The Adventure Islands uses Zorbs that are designed like a ball inside a ball. The area in between these balls is filled with air, giving you a gentle (yet exciting!) ride. You enter the Zorb by a tunnel that connects the two balls. Once inside, you are cushioned from the ground’s impact, allowing you to roll down hills without getting hurt. We can even add water to the space between the plastic balls so that you can enjoy an aqua ride!

There are two basic types of Zorbs that we have. Harnessed versions can accommodate one or two riders. Non-harnessed designs can hold up to three. Plan to have a lot of fun when you visit The Aussie Jumping Castles. Zorbing will leave you in an high-spirited state of laughter and thrill. Your party peoples will almost certainly scream with delight.

Zorb Balls are available to hire for any event, party, anytime, anywhere. Whether it’s for 3 hours or 1 week, in Brisbane or Redlands or in whole Australia. Not only are we available to hire but we can also come to your event to boost it up. 

Note : The company will do everything while setting up the jumping castle you do not have to do any work yourself. Firstly they clean the castles, Secondly they check the safety of castles, and then deliver it after the delivery they install the jumping castles in your garden or backyard.

We tailor our service to suit your budget so when you contact us for a quote, please provide us with the type of event, location plus date and time required. 

Author is a family owned business based in the Redlands. Thriving on helping others have the best day ever, its gives us as well as u lots of fun to operate this business. Dealing in Zorb Balls Hire

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